System Setup

With cloud- and browser-based architecture, set up is extremely simple.
No-charge support is included with our service.


Because our system is a cloud-based service, there is no need for integration with your IT infrastructure. You’ll have access to the transaction interface, featuring your logotype, shortly after contract finalization.


After setup, we will test functionality, fine-tune the customer experience and verify settlement procedures.


Our involvement continues with ongoing technical support for operational issues. The BANCwire™ system has been tested with tens of thousands of transactions over a period of years and is highly robust. But should issues arise, our technical staff will work with you to resolve them with minimal downtime.


Sophisticated security and access control are designed into our system, and updated as standards evolve.

Security is paramount to the viability of our operations. Currently the standard is 128-bype encryption of all communications, with triple DES security.

A Secure Access Control feature enables the software to restrict access to data as a function of user privileges granted by the administrator.

Access to the application functions, information, and data is a function of the business relationship between the owner of the application and its many different users. The Application Security Access is an open system structure that facilitates privilege checks in a role-based scenario, independent of other technical security functions.

Security Features:

Central Repository for Application Security | Single Login Capability| Interfaces for Security Officers, Users and Developers Role-Based Entitlement | Organization-Based Entitlement | User Authentication


At the heart of our system is one central principle: regulatory compliance.

A zero-tolerance policy regarding violation of rules on money laundering, terrorist financing and other crimes is key to our viability. That’s one reason we engage third-party review and testing agents to perform regular system and procedural audits, reporting any issues for follow-up and resolution. It also gives our customers a measure of comfort to know we are backing up their own security measures with every transaction they originate.

We monitor every transaction originator and beneficiary in real-time against current versions of key blacklists as well as our own in-house list, flagging suspicious transactions for review by your compliance officer. Proprietary algorithms detect criminal structuring or aggregation of transactions, even across different financial institutions.

US Market Regulatory Concerns

Our US network members have some special concerns related to government oversight.

Because we are fully compliant with US anti-money laundering regulations and the provisions of section 1073 of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, US banking institutions can rely on us to help with their own compliance requirements. We mitigate risks that might otherwise prevent institutions like yours from engaging in cross-border payments.

But engaging a third party for the provision of such services requires due diligence, not just in the selection of a partner, but in the structuring and oversight of the relationship. Because BANCwire is built around the needs of regulated US financial institutions, we are familiar with the examination process as it relates to contracted third parties, and we employ a specialist whose job is to support you (at no additional cost) in fulfilling your responsibilities under the Bank Secrecy Act and Anti-Money Laundering rules and responsibilities.