Open Your Doors to a New World of Transactions

With BANCwire, remittance payments are no longer a liability to US banks
and credit unions. They are a new business solution.

Chances are good that your customer base, or the demographics of the neighborhoods you serve, include a growing base of immigrants. Historically, bank account ownership among immigrants was low. Acculturation to the US economic system over recent economic cycles has resulted in dramatically higher rates of banking for them. Forward thinking institutions like yours know these populations are the life-blood of future customer growth. Engage them through international payments, a service they demand! Do it profitably with BANCwire.

Latin American and Caribbean Immigrant Bank Account Ownership, Selected Countries of Origin


Bank account ownership among all immigrant groups in the US is increasing due to growth in economic sophistication and cultural evolution. Shown here are data for populations from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.

Sources: Data on immigrant bank account adoption are from Orozco, Manuel, Economic status and remittance behavior among Latin American and Caribbean immigrants in the post-recession period. Washington, DC., 2013; Is there a match among migrants, remittances, and technology? Washington, DC., 2010; Orozco, Manuel. Orozco, Manuel, Katy Jacob, and Jennifer Tescher. Card-Based Remittances: A closer Look at Supply and Demand. The Center for Financial Services Innovation, Chicago, IL: February 2007. Orozco, Manuel et al. Transnational Engagement, Remittances and their Relationships to Development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Institute for the study of International Migration, Georgetown University, July, 2005.

map-imgBANCwire’s Geographic Coverage

A Change in Paradigm

The modern economy demands a secure, US-regulated international payments system that meets the needs of real people, all around the world.

BANCwire dramatically broadens the ability of US banks and credit unions to participate in international value transmission. BANCwire frees you from legacy systems requiring expensive Fedwire and SWIFT intermediation, and connects you to corresponding businesses in 91 countries around the world. These businesses terminate transactions not just in cash or account, but also in new forms of value that didn’t even exist when Fedwire was born

BANCwire connects US banks and credit unions to a global payments network that is aligned with the lifestyles of beneficiaries the world over.


Dodd Frank:
Obstacle or Opportunity?

The Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 threatens the ability of American financial institutions to provide consumer-oriented cross border monetary transfers.

By allocating the costs of compliance across many institutions, we’ve transformed the Dodd Frank Act into an opportunity for US banks and credit unions.

Our Service is Fully Compliant With US Anti-Money Laundering Regulations and the Provisions of Section 1073 of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act

With our ‘closed-loop’ system and our partnerships with payment providers throughout the world, BANCwire can deliver cross-border payments with transparency, efficiency and with the amount, all fees & taxes, and the delivery date known beforehand with certainty.

Our system receipts clearly show:

  • All costs
  • FX rates
  • Amount to be paid to the beneficiary
  • Payment delivery time and location.

All information is provided in the appropriate language, according to Dodd Frank 1073 requirements. Additionally, and also as required, we guarantee the amounts and timing of funds delivery, limiting your financial exposure.

We’ve centralized all compliance functions, including blacklist screening, data mining and reporting, making compliance affordable even to small institutions.

The result is not just a compliant service, but a highly efficient one, profiting your bottom line with every transaction!

Building Your Brand

Our success is built on helping network members — like your institution — strengthen their brands in their own communities.

Your brand is a promise whose value we respect. That’s why our technology is white-labeled, implemented under your own flag, as a brand-building profit center.

We even provide advertising templates built on a communications strategy we‘ve refined through years of experience promoting international value transmission in the US market. You can add your identity and other important content to any or all of the elements of our white-labeled advertising program

English and Spanish language versions of the following design elements are included (your only cost will be printing and mailing):

Window decals and in-store signage | Customer brochures | Statement stuffers | Direct mail