Connect with US Remittance Payers
as They Leave Money Service Providers Behind

Immigrants to the USA are establishing relationships with US banks and credit unions. Shouldn’t you do the same?

Family remittances from immigrants to their countries of origin are the most significant part of the USA $50 Billion in cross border consumer payments. Historically, immigrants sent these remissions through neighborhood businesses, but times have changed. About 50 to 60% of immigrant households in major US markets own bank accounts today. And the numbers are increasing.

Because in the US market BANCwire is exclusively for banks and credit unions, we can help you retain your traditional base of US family remittances as immigrants, and their descendants, stop relying upon the non-bank money businesses you do business with today.

Sources: Data on immigrant bank account adoption are from Orozco, Manuel, Economic status and remittance behavior among Latin American and Caribbean immigrants in the post-recession period. Washington, DC., 2013; Is there a match among migrants, remittances, and technology? Washington, DC., 2010; Orozco, Manuel. Orozco, Manuel, Katy Jacob, and Jennifer Tescher. Card-Based Remittances: A closer Look at Supply and Demand. The Center for Financial Services Innovatio, Chicago, IL: February 2007. Orozco, Manuel et al. Transnational Engagement, Remittances and their Relationships to Development in Latin America and the Caribbean. Institute for the study of International Migration, Georgetown University, July, 2005.

Secure Access to the US Banking Customer Base

BANCwire gives you access to an important market segment you currently may not be serving.

Immigrants aren’t the only people who send money from the USA. Traditional US banking customers pay for travel arrangements, make charitable donations, purchase goods and services, effect tuition payments, and send money overseas for many other common purposes.

They trust the BANCwire network to manage their international payments because they have confidence in the banking system that offers BANCwire as a payment option.

Global Competition for
Transmitted Value

International value transmission used to mean money transfer. But money transfer have evolved into a range of transaction choices, bringing opportunity to new types of money service businesses around the world.

New technologies are changing your business environment.

If not today, then certainly tomorrow, your competition will include bill payment services, mobile phone top-up providers, debit card servicers, mobile wallet businesses and other innovative operations that leverage new means of transmitting and storing value.

BANCwire is the first US-based service to offer its partners such a broad slate of payment options on a secure and compliant basis.

Not Just About Dollars and Cents

Giving back is important. It helps the communities we serve and at the same time, differentiates our service.

Every company has a budget for promotion and advertising. Ours leverages cause-related marketing to help you and your customers will feel good about our impact on beneficiaries’ communities around the globe. BANCwire’s give-backs, value-added promotions, micro-loan programs, local discounts and more represent real value we leave behind after many of our transactions (subject to local market opportunities and restrictions).

It’s a new model, one that not only provides a string of profitable transactions but also fights commoditization of your brand and ours.

We’re always looking for meaningful opportunities to share value. If you have ideas for how to turn transactions into goodwill in your community, please let us know either by email at or call us at 866-322-3200.