About Business Solutions International Group LLC (BSI)

With a banking sector and financial services parentage that dates back to 1999, BSI owns and operates the BANCwire platform. Our family of companies includes international financial consultants for governments and private enterprise, as well as third-party services that build profits for US financial institutions.

Our staff and management are multi-cultural and multilingual, with a global perspective that reflects significant international experience.

Our values and heritage reflect an ability to navigate through favorable circumstances and trying times as well. Finally, and just as importantly, we’ve become experts in working with legal and regulatory entities who have oversight over the industries we serve.

The Values We Offer


Our staff has been operating epayments systems since 2011, and that experience is the basis for the tailor-made solutions we provide.


BSI is a private company with a clear ownership structure and a pristine record in the financial sector. We've earned the trust of a growing number of companies around the globe.


As a settlement agent, we follow all applicable rules and regulations of every jurisdiction, domestic and foreign, in which we operate.

Serving Companies of Every Scale

With close to 10 years of payment processing experience, we’ve gained a unique perspective on the finances of small and large businesses and developed a set of standard solutions to meet their payment processing needs. We offer two distinct methods of direct connectivity with our clients.

  1. Direct system-to-system connectivity (via ftp or web service)
  2. A custom developed entry platform allowing immediate operational readiness. Customer payments transit our platform instantly to the bank without any intervention on our part.

Stability and Technology

BSI Group LLC is an established company with stable management, highly developed operational procedures and up to date technology.

Our system is connected to banks and financial market leaders with secure, multi-backup private links, using security devices that comply with banking transmission standards. Sophisticated access control and security are designed into our system, and updated as standards evolve. We restrict access to data as a function of user privileges granted by the administrator. Access to the application functions, information, and data is a function of the business relationship between the owner of the application and its many different users.